The Math Inspectors Are Finally Here!

The Math Inspectors e-book is now live and you can buy it HERE ON AMAZON!

The Math Inspectors is a funny detective series for kids ages 9-12 and I’m so excited that the first book in the series, The Case of the Claymore Dimaond, is finally here for you to read.


This series focuses on four friends, Stanley, Charlotte, Gertie, and Felix in the fictional town of Ravensburg, New York. They are curious, they love math, and they like helping out the local police in solving mysteries around town. The series has math, humor, and a whole lot of heart and we hope 9-12 year olds will enjoy it.

I co-authored the project with Emily Boever and when Emily and I decided to write it, we wanted a few things. We wanted that sort of idyllic small town America as a setting. We wanted humor. We wanted math, but not in a ‘beat you over the head paint by numbers’ sort of a way. We wanted to include math in the sense that numbers are all around us and numbers are important and these four friends are fun, cool, quirky and just happen to really enjoy math.

The second book in the series, The Case of the Mysterious Mr. Jekyll, will be out by Valentines Day and we hope to have the first five books in the series out by next Christmas.  If you have children in the 9-12 age range, we’d be honored if you took a chance on our little book. Thanks so much!

THE MATH INSPECTORS – The Case of the Claymore Diamond