Not Top Secret

Hi everybody. Often, I hear an author talk about a project they are working on but then mention that it is ‘Super Top Secret’ or something like that. I never fully understand why that is exactly so if one of you knows, please let me know. Anyways, I just finished a major rewrite of a story I’ve been working on for awhile and it is definitely not top-secret.

It’s called “Curial Diggs and the Search For The Romanov Dolls”. The story focuses on thirteen year old Curial Diggs, an African American boy living in the heart of Manhattan. His dad is one of the wealthiest black men in the world and runs the prestigious Diggs bank , which he expects his only son Curial to one day run. Bit of a problem though, Curial doesn’t want to be a banker. He wants to be a treasure hunter. And as the story begins, it’s been about six months since Curial’s mom has died. He misses her terribly and one day discovers that she has left him with a special challenge: to find The Romanov Dolls, a fantastic treasure that captivated her ever since she was a small girl. Along the way, Curial reluctantly teams up with an annoying street wise kid named Maurice and together they make their way to St. Petersburg, Russia where they meet a beautiful Russian girl named Dina and the search really revs up. The treasure hunt takes all three kids from St. Petersburg to Moscow, back to St. Petersburg, and back to New York City again.

This is a book I’m incredibly proud of. I don’t know who will publish it, or how it will get published, but someday it will find the correct home. And I hope when it does, that some of you enjoy Curial Diggs as much as I do.