5 Tips for Stay At Home Dads – Part One

Here are 5 Tips/thoughts for Stay at Home Dads pulled at random from my a…err, organized journal

1) Caillou is terrible. Do not let your children watch it. Imagine a young, whiny, Canadian (redundant?), not at all tough Mr. Clean and then sprinkle in the writers from the 1980’s TV show The Fall Guy and you’ve got a good idea of why you must never allow your kids to watch this show.   (NOTE: Arthur on the other hand is pure genius.)

2) When you absolutely must get some place on time and you’re already running late, one of your children will poop on the floor. Every freaking time.

3) The same reason you loved dart guns as a kid is the exact same reason you hate dart guns as an adult. And the whole “Honest Dad, I didn’t try to shoot her in the face,” is complete BS. You tried to shoot your sister in the face when you were little and he’s just taking after his old man.

4) If you have young boys, your life will be about urine. Urine on the floor, urine in the beds, urine out the side of the van door. And someday, amidst the mountain of laundry that’s accumulated (and the wonderful aroma of ammonia) it hits you, “Urine too deep.”

5) Somewhere right now, in addition to working very hard getting ready for “Book Club”, your wife is laughing at you.