Write Weird

So, as a new writer, you’ve got to balance a few things. First, you have to know how to tell a story. Second, you need to know your craft. Grammar, how to write sentences, paragraphs, showing verses telling, blah, blah, etc…

And Third?

I think you should try to be weird.

Seth Godin always does a great job of promoting the value of weird and does so again in this recent blog post. Seth Godin On Weird

There’s a lot of sameness in books these days. And quite frankly, tons of them are well written. But…its awfully challenging to stand out from a crowd of stories about the same things with similar levels of quality.

So I say, write weird. Write until something you write makes you uncomfortable. Write until you say, “Oh, I can’t write that.” Write until you say, “That’s just freaking weird.”

Tell your story, yes. Know your craft and get better, absolutely.  Know what the industry does and doesn’t want.

But ultimately, shut the door, tell the world to screw off and write your own damn story.

And don’t be afraid to be weird.