Random Writing Tips Friday

I’m going to start by assuming John Grisham, Alice Walker, James Lee Burke, and Patricia Cornwell will not be reading this blog post. Although I’m sure these four great writers continue to grow in their craft, they’re probably less likely to look for tips from a newbie writer.


Which means if you’re reading this, you are probably also a newbie writer. By newbie, I mean we haven’t ‘made it’, whatever that means. The writers who make it have found what works for them; how to write stories people love and are willing to pay for. But you and I are still searching for what works for us. So, from one newbie writer to another, here are a few random writerly tips for your Friday enjoyment.


Usual Piece of Writing Advice Number One: If you spend more time thinking about doing book signings and interviews then you do actually writing, then you’re not a real writer. A real writer is a slave to the story, it’s the story that matters, not all that authorly crap.

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