Write Weird

So, as a new writer, you’ve got to balance a few things. First, you have to know how to tell a story. Second, you need to know your craft. Grammar, how to write sentences, paragraphs, showing verses telling, blah, blah, etc… And Third? I think you should try to be weird. Seth Godin always does […]

Random Writing Tips Friday

I’m going to start by assuming John Grisham, Alice Walker, James Lee Burke, and Patricia Cornwell will not be reading this blog post. Although I’m sure these four great writers continue to grow in their craft, they’re probably less likely to look for tips from a newbie writer.   Which means if you’re reading this, […]

How To Apologize

Lots of Athletes and Celebrities get themselves into jams where it seems the public wants them to apologize. And invariably when the offenders try, they muck the whole apology up. I’m here to help. Although I may not be able to give the greatest advice on how to do the right thing all the time, […]

Kill Your Darlings Is Stupid Advice

And sometimes its not. You’ve heard the sage old writing advice, Kill Your Darlings. The general idea being that one way to strengthen your writing is  find those elements of the project nearest and dearest to your heart and eliminate them like a surgeon cutting out a diseased tumor. You’re writing will be stronger for […]

Strong Female Characters

An awesome article by Sophia McDougall today over at the New Statesman titled “I hate Strong Female Characters”. I encourage you to read the article in its entirety. All I want is to give my own two cents here. I, too, had always been a little uncomfortable with the “Where are the strong female roles” […]

Don’t Write Flat

I used to carve wooden figurines. Someday when my brain won’t let me write anymore and my kids are long and gone, I’ll probably carve again. I first carved an astronaut out of pine back in junior high. The only thing it had in common with an astronaut was that both were objects of the […]

Magic Writing Secret

Write. And read. Of course, that’s not what we want to hear. We want to hear that John Grisham and Stephen King and JK Rowling and even Stephanie Meyer have that one piece of advice that will just make everything, well, let’s all be honest with ourselves… …easier. I said it. We want it to […]